Founders Story & Design Philosophy


My fascination with watches was inherited from my father Melvin Freeman Sr, who had different timepieces in his collection. It was my father who outfitted me with my 1st watch. Still to this day, I someitimes wear it as a sentiment to his legacy. In 2016, as a hobby in my spare time I started designing watch ideations and would share them with friends and family to hear their opinions. The overwhelming admiration and support encouraged me to make my passion more than a hobby.


All of my watch designs are inspired by my birthplace of Washington D.C. An historical as well as eclectic city, the nation’s capital has a rich culture in fashion that is often overlooked. Our brand thrives on innovative design and quality. In each designed timepiece, we incorporate that uniqueness of D.C. nostalgia.


I firmly believe that the timepiece you wear on your wrist is more than a simple fashion accessory. It's a direct representation of your style. I design for those who require watches and accessories that make fashion statements in any setting or occasion.

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Founder Jeff Freeman